Domain Sun
Other Names Mother of the World; Assamura; Brethin's Bane; Herel; Numara; Sevena; Ariella; All-consuming Blindness; Quuosshreeggaa
Symbols Sun
Parentage Ashra
Spouses Titan
Children Throff; Galana; Hamaskis; Assamarra
Siblings Filash; Lunara/Lord Moon
Affiliations Gods of Fire and Light; Celestial Court; Kilanirax
Priest Colours Yellow
Holy Day
20th Warming (21st Days Lengthen)[1]
22nd Locking (26th Land's Sleeping)[2]

Glantanka is the Sun goddess and among the most revered deities on Titan.[3]


This goddess is sister to Filash and Lord Moon. It is believed that she is a member of one of the original families of the gods created by the Primal Deities. In her case, her family is believed to have been created by Ashra and are the Gods of Fire and Light. Glantanka's relationship to Titan as his wife is not universally accepted doctrine. She is said to have a very close relationship with Galana, and it is possible that Galana is her daughter. In which case so is Throff and probably Assamarra and Hamaskis.

Worship and Variations Across Titan[]

She is without question one of the Greater Gods and some cultures even refer to her as Mother of the World. She is also revered as the creator of the Gold Dragons, and Kilanirax, Dragon King, is her servant. It is also worth noting that the Sun is the sole deity in many primitive cultures. In some cultures the sun as seen as a male deity. The existence of the Sun from before the dawn of history means that its worship is an ancient one and in fact some cultures still see Glantanka as the creator of the world.

Her yellow-clad priests rarely leave the temples, preferring to tend the pyramidal or domed structures rather than go adventuring.

Name Variations[]

Ra is a shortened diminutive form of Assamura used in south-west Allansia, with Brethin's Bane used by the Darkside Elves after an ancient hero of their race, Brethin, died after venturing out during daylight hours. She is also known as Ariella, Herel, Numara and Sevena. The Troglodytes know her as the All-Consuming Blindness.[4] The Fish Men reserve a special loathing for the Sun Goddess who they call Quuosshreeggaa, meaning the "Stealer of Water".

Legend of Throben[]

In the Legend of Throben[5] Glantanka is one of the six gods who created this mystical land to prevent the loss of the wisdom of magic after the First Battle. The people who were invested with magic by her were the Minimites. It was the six gods who together brought about the existence of the Theomancer to unit the six peoples of Throben in this tale.


Glantanka is depicted as a silver or golden woman with glowing hair and eyes and her symbol is, of course, the Sun.

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