skill 4-9
stamina 3-7
Type Humanoid/Goblin

Goblins are a small race related to Orcs and Trolls, and are believed by many to be the third creation of Hashak, who had become embarrassed at the crudeness and stupidity of his earlier creations and refined his original design still further.

Origins and DistributionEdit


The Early YearsEdit

Certainly there are many physical and even spiritual similarities: the Dark Gods breathed Evil over the earliest Goblins, infecting them with Chaos so that many of their offspring even today are mutants; Goblins dislike sunlight and organise themselves similarly to Orcs; they even have a closer body structure to them than races such as the Doragar.

However, there remain a few other legends of note, such as the theory that Goblins are the product of Orc interbreeding with another race - perhaps even Humans - before the Godswar era; or that they are related to the Little People, such as Sprites and Woodlings. It is important to note that no self-respecting Goblin would tolerate being told such a thing, particularly since the latter theory would also mean that they are related to Elves!

Goblins fought alongside their larger but stupider brethren during the First Battle, and are credited with the invention of many early forms of siege engine.

The Zenith of Goblin CivilisationEdit

In south-west Khul there is evidence of a once great Goblin civilisation whose peak of sophistication and culture was thousands of years ago[1] during Irritarian times. It was during that period that Gravalan emerged as the Goblin hero who first defeated the Portal of Evil using a legendary sword that is now known as the Sword of Gravalan.

Much of the area still bears the mark of the Goblins, from the incredible temple statues to their gods buried within the forests of Transoxalia to the names of geographic features such as Lake Mlubz. The wizard who resides on an enigmatic isle in that lake, although apparently of Human origin, has much respect for the Goblins of that era and on his isle is a vast repository of many of their ancient books, manuscripts and other important artefacts.[2] Interestingly, Goblins live side by side with Humans in the town of Neuburg in the north of that region.

Goblins in Modern TimesEdit

Goblins have spread all over Titan with even more rapidity than the Orcs. There are even a few variants on the main Goblin species, including the ferocious Marsh Goblin and the tough Hill Goblin. It is known that Balthus Dire kept a large number of Hill Goblins as the backbone of his army, but elsewhere it is plain that Goblins are seen as inferior to Orcs, as they were frequently bullied into the front ranks of armies by their larger cousins.

Today, Goblins tend to form their own regiments and use their superior intellect to trick Trolls into taking their place in the front lines. It is curious that, unlike Orcs or Trolls, a Goblin will often be able to lead a perfectly content life as a farmer or hunter; although there is not a Goblin born who wouldn't exchange his plough for a club or axe to rob a traveller if he could get the drop on him.

Hashak's Goblins

A depiction of the interrelationships and evolution of the race of the Goblins

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Special AbilitiesEdit

As creatures living primarily underground, Goblins have the aility of Dark Seeing, enabling them to operate comfortably in gloomy conditions.


The 31st of Freeze (1st of Skies in Darkness in the Khulian Reckoning) is a Goblin holy day.[3]

Their creator god Hashak also has his holy day on the 6th of Freeze (6th of Snow's Cloak in the Khulian Reckoning).[4]

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