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A Golem is a magical humanoid, animated by sorcerers to serve them. Usually made of otherwise inert material such as wood, rock or clay, though Flesh Golems and Bone Golems are known to exist also.

They are strong, unsleeping and totally obedient.

Morgana and the Twelve FormsEdit

Such beings were employed by Morgana in her attempt to unleash pure Mayhem on the world. By mastering the Twelve Forms, the Sigils, which were said to hold the keys of power over all things, Morgana sought to create an irresistible force over all life. She aimed to make Masks of the Sigils and imbue these Masks with the power of Mayhem. She then planned to fit these Masks to the undead Golems and unleash them to do her will. However, before finishing the twelfth Mask, which would have made the power of Mayhem a reality, she and her Golems were destroyed by the Monarch of Arion.[1]

Other EmploymentEdit

Balthus Dire also employed a Golem in his Citadel.[2]

Wood GolemEdit

Wood Golem
skill 8
stamina 4-6
Type Construct

Wood Golem[3]

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