skill 5
stamina 5
Attacks 1
Weapon Used (special)
Habitat Anywhere their victim is
Number Encountered 1
Type Monster
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

A Gonchong is a monster from the Fighting Fantasy franchise.[1]

Origins and Distribution[]

It is not known whether the Gonchongs are either the result of a natural evolutionary process or perhaps of dark sorcerous experiments, or perhaps a mixture of both. Gonchongs can be practically found anywhere, lurking in ambush and waiting until a suitable victim presents itself.

A Gonchong somehow managed to infest the leader of the Lizard Men tribes of the Fire Island, deceiving him into sacrificing his free will for almost unlimited strength. However, the outpost was ultimately overthrown and the Gonchong, together with its equally evil host, slain by a hero using one of the Lizard King's own Fire Swords.[2]


A Gonchong is a terrible parasite with a superficial resemblance to a spider crab, although it possesses eye-stalks, a proboscis, and considerable intelligence.[3]

Special Abilities[]

A Gonchong is a powerful jumper. Should it succeed on leaping on its victim's head, its proboscis will be forced through its skull and allow the Gonchong to control its host. Consequently, the host - usually an intelligent humanoid in a position of authority - becomes a mindless entity that will obey every command given to it by the parasite.

In combat, a Gonchong can only be killed by fire, whether it be normal or magical.[4] This malevolent abomination can also be killed through the mere severing of its proboscis if it is still connected to a host, but succeeding in doing this is no easy feat. The Gonchong imbues the unfortunate creature with supernatural strength, increasing both its skill and stamina by 5 points, and making it just as immune to almost all forms of weaponry as it is itself. However, the host is still subject to any innate fear or discomfort its race may have.[5]

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