Gorrin Silverblade, a thief and a warrior, is a pregenerated character whom the player can assume in Stormslayer (book) and also in The Forest of Doom (book). He combines his skills of a thief with the strength of a warrior.

He is the son of a blacksmith from Tannatown. He has a cunning mind and a strong right arm, both of which have served him well on many occasions, particularly when he’s been up to his neck in trouble down some half-forgotten hole in the ground.

Garrin has a happy-go-lucky temperament, his natural charm coming to his aid now and again on some rather tricky situations. Also skill with a sword is surpassed by only a few.

His statistics are skill 11, stamina 18, and luck 9. He starts the Stormslayer (book) game equipped with the wondrous sword Wyrmbiter, Lantern and Tinderbox, a Hunting Horn and a Sun Talisman, 16 Gold Pieces, and his adventure begins on Seaday.[1]

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