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Greater Gods is a term applied to those gods that make up the Upper Chamber of the Celestial Court.[1]

They are the gods who helped create the physical aspects of the world of Titan. The members of the Celestial Court in its meaning as the Upper Council of Heaven are:

Greater Gods of the Celestial Court
Name Image Domain
TitanTitan-TitanHeavens; Father of the World
SindlaTitan-Sindla luck and Fate
GlantankaTitan-Glantanka Sun
Lord Moon/LunaraLunara Moon
FilashFilash Fire
SukhSukh Storms
HydanaHydana Oceans
PangaraPangara Winds
ThroffThroff Earth and Rock
Assamarra Deserts
GalanaTitan-Galana Plants & Fertility
HamaskisHamaskis Learning
Aqualis Rivers
FarigissFarigiss Ice & Cold
Atlan Messenger of the Gods
KilaniraxKilanirax Dragons
Verlang Metal workers
Lorodil Volcanoes
LogaanLogaan-Hashak-Slangg-and-Libra Neutrality

The relationships between these Gods can be seen by viewing the chart of the Celestial Court.


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