A Gremlin is a race native to Titan.

skill 3-8
stamina 2-6
Type Humanoid/Goblin

Origins and DistributionEdit

Gremlins appear in several locations in Allansia. Several Gremlins inhabit a cave in Darkwood Forest where they keep some treasure. [1] They are hostile to anyone who enters their cave. [2] At least one Gremlin lives in a labyrinth under Darkwood Forest. This individual inhabits a room filled with plants and is hostile to anyone who enters. [3] A hunchbacked Gremlin served in the Army of Death of Agglax, his function to do a ritualistic dance before the battle, resulting in several Chaos Warriors trampling him . [4]


Gremlins are small but have large heads. They have pointed ears, green skin, and typically wear sackcloth clothes. They usually carry daggers or short swords. [5] A subspecies capable of flight exists in the form of the Winged Gremlin. [6]

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Further Information in CanonEdit

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