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Members of the Hall of Mind

The Hall of Mind is a chamber of the gods who govern the emotions of the sentient beings of Titan.[1]

Reason for BeingEdit

Within the Celestial Court are a number of sub-courts or chambers. The two main chambers are the Upper Chamber and the Hall of Mind. The Hall of Mind sit in judgement over the actions of all intelligent beings for it was set up to them to govern the emotions of the sentient races.

Members of the Hall of MindEdit

There are eight deities who sit in the Hall of Mind (note that in some uncivilised lands where Hamaskis is not known the Hall of Mind only has seven occupants). The members of the Hall of Mind are:

Gods of the Hall of Mind
Deity Image Special Concern Depiction Colour Symbol
Sindla Titan-SindlaLuck and Fate Aged but Handsome Woman White Pair of Dice
Asrel Titan-AsrelLove and Beauty Beautiful Woman Unspecific Unspecific
Usrel Titan-UsrelPeace Motherly woman with arms outstretched White White Flower
Libra Titan-LibraJustice Woman holding scales of justice Grey Scales of Justice
Courga Titan-CourgaGrace Graceful warrior girl/Rotund Man Unspecific Cat
Fourga Titan-FourgaPride Warrior Red Hunting Dog
Telak TelakCourage Heavily armoured warrior accompanied by a lion Gold Golden Sword
Hamaskis HamaskisLearning An old man or a fresh faced youth with a huge open book Purple Staff

With the exception of Sindla and Hamaskis, who also sit in the Upper Chamber of the Celestial Court, these gods were all minor deities before the Banishing. They have risen to prominence since then as the sentient civilisations have risen on Titan.

The Flawed EmotionsEdit

What is apparent from looking at the Hall of Mind’s members is that the emotions they govern are virtues. Flawed emotions such as Malice or Envy are not represented. This is the reason why Slangg and Tanit are not depicted as being members of the Hall. However, their links to the Hall are strong. It may be that the Hall does encompass the less desirable emotions, however, from current religious teachings this is not the case.

The Relationships of the MembersEdit

The Chart showing the various members of the Hall of Mind and their relationships. Note that the flawed emotions are included for reference.


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