Domain Learning and Sorcery
Other Names Khunam; Livurien the Sorcerer; Serion; Tyralar.
Symbols Staff
Parentage different traditions: Vuh and Ashra
Titan and Glantanka
Spouses Unknown (perhaps Erillia)
Children Children of Erillia.
Siblings dependent on parentage
Affiliations White Lord; Hall of Mind.
Priest Colours Purple
Holy Day 2nd Unlocking (1st Land's Awakening)[1]
12th Fire (13th Corn Ripening)[2]

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"References Needed!" Hamaskis demands it

Hamaskis is the god of Learning and Sorcery.[3]


Some scholars believe that he may even be the brother of Titan. However, others argue that were this to be the case he would surely be the Head of the Hall of Mind rather than just a member. He is certainly considered to be one of the Greater Gods (one of only two members of the Hall of Mind to hold this dual role, the other being Sindla), and thus there is an equally strong belief that he is the son of Titan.

Elven Connections[]

He is known to the Elves as Livurien the Sorcerer and as his companion is the White Lord (Tela Oriens), the Elven demi-god to whom it is believed Hamaskis taught the secrets of sorcery. He has close connections with other Elven gods and there is also a belief that he may be the father of the Children of Erillia.

Worship and Depiction[]

He is the patron of all sorcerers and scholars. He is often depicted as an old man or a fresh faced youth with a huge open book. His symbol is the staff and his priests wear robes in his sacred colour purple. They can often be encountered because they are known to be adventuring priests trying to bring the gift and love of knowledge to the peoples of Titan. In cities the temple to Hamaskis will simply be the library, although remember that these places are very sacred in the world of Titan for the written word is a rare commodity.

He was known in ancient Djarat as Khunam and depicted with the head of a Ram. He is also known as Serion and Tyralar in other parts of Titan.

In some uncivilised lands such as Kakhabad he is not recognised at all.

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