Hell Demon
The Master
skill 10 to 14
stamina 10 to 12
Attacks 4
Weapon Used Very Large Claw (but see below)
Habitat Dungeons, Ruins, The Demonic Planes
Number Encountered 1
Type Demon
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Average-High

Hell Demons are a type of monster from the Demonic Planes in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.


Hell Demons are among the more powerful of the middle-class Demons, born from the very fires that rage in the depths of the Pit. They are highly trusted by the Demon Princes and are sent on many missions to the Earthly Plane, where their limited shape shifting ability serves them in good stead and enabling them to execute even the most long-term plans with only limited difficulty.

Consequently, a Hell Demon is capable of evading detection for months or even years, all the while using every means at their disposal to fulfil the wishes of their masters. Only the most astute of Demon-hunters could hope to uncover their presence, and only the most powerful of these could hope to defeat them and end their evil.

In their "normal" form, they are truly horrific beasts. Three metres high, covered in scaly black skin, they emit hissing steam and sulphurous vapours from their fanged mouths. Their heads are large and misshapen, with long horns curving from the top. Their bodies are muscular, their hands tipped with hooked claws. Their legs end in cloven, goat-like hooves; a long rat's tail lashes behind them.[1]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Because of their origins in the depths of Hell, these Demons are immune to almost all types of conventional weaponry, being vulnerable (conceivably at least) only to weapons forged in the hellfires themselves. The cults they build around themselves usually have one such hellfire-forged dagger (a wavy-bladed kris) for use in sacrifices, which are for understandable reasons kept locked away outside of ceremonies. Due to the limited appearances of Hell Demons in Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (and the rather insufficient description in Out of the Pit), it is unknown whether Hell Demons can be harmed by magical spells and weapons as well, though this seems likely.

Hell Demons are also capable of assuming the shape of any Human they encounter, usually killing the unfortunate after doing so. It is unknown whether or not they can retain this form indefinitely or if they need to revert to their natural state for a period of time. It is also unknown whether or not they can assume the shape of any humanoid.[2]


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