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The Hero of Caverns of the Snow Witch was working as a caravan guard for a Merchant called Big Jim Sun when a trading outpost in the Icefinger Mountains was attacked my a mysterious creature.[1] In the course of completing an assignment to track and kill the creature, the hero discovered the story of Shareella and entered the Crystal Caves, eventually defeating her with the aid of two of her former slaves.[2]

During their escape, the hero and the Elf Redswift were afflicted with a Death Spell and after a visit to Stonebridge, they set out to find the Healer. Redswift died, but the hero survived long enough to be healed, due to drinking a Potion of Health.[3]

It is possible that the hero also took part in other books, either before or afterwards, although the hero of The Forest of Doom must be a different character as he or she had never heard of Gillibran until the commencement of that adventure.

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