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The Hero of Knights of Doom was a member of the Templar Knights of Telak the Swordbearer in Ruddlestone. After initial training as a Warrior-Priest at the Citadel, he or she served in the Demonkeep Outpost, rising swiftly through the ranks and performing "many hazardous missions into enemy territory." Becoming renowned for both fighting prowess and mastery of the Templars' arcane secrets, the hero was invited to return to the Citadel to become an elite Templar Knight.

Having defeated many foes and completed many dangerous quests for his or her country, including driving a force of Orcs and Beastmen back into the mountains, the hero was one of the most trusted and respected of the order when he or she was given the task of defeating the newly-returned Belgaroth.[1]

At the start of the quest, the hero was armed with a magic sword made of the finest steel and cast with mystical enchantments. He or she wore a fine chainmail coat and a white tunic with the design of a golden sword embroidered on it.[2]

Setting out for Caer Skaal riding Firemane,[3] the hero returned on the back of the Celastrix, having destroyed Belgaroth and his evil armies with the power of Aelfgar.[4]

It is possible that the hero took part in other books, either before or afterwards, but the extensive background is highly restrictive in this regard.

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