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The Hero of Night of the Necromancer was a noble from Ruddlestone whose ancestral home was Valsinore Castle on the Sourstone Peninsula. He or she had been crusading in Bathoria for three years before being murdered within sight of the castle by a Death Acolyte and three assassins.[1] The hero's ghost went on to discover and foil a plan to summon the Shadow King to the mortal plane,[2] regaining his or her life in the process.[3]

The hero had a sister, Oriana, and carried the sanctified, charm-wrought sword Nightslayer. During the Bathorian Crusade, he or she survived an ambush by a pack of Werewolves and the seductive enchantments of the Sephulchral Sisterhood,[4] fought at the Siege of Sanctiphrax alongside the crusader Marrok of the Eldermark, saved him from an undead wyvern and was saved in return from a pack of rabid Werewargs.[5]

It is possible for the hero to have taken part in other books before inheriting Valsinore from his or her father. In particular, the sample character Evrain Peredur was the protagonist of Knights of Doom.[6]

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