Domain Insects, Flies
Home Elemental Plane of Air
Siblings Arhallogen, Rikat and Siluva (possibly)
Affiliations Animal Court, High Lords of the Invertebrates
Sacred Day 25th Unlocking (24th Land's Awakening)[1]

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Hmurresh is the God of Flies.[2][3] Hmurresh has been referred to as both a male and a female being. Although a member of the Animal Court, Hmurresh has been included within the region of Evil in the Pantheon chart because she is almost never portrayed as Neutral but on the side of Death and his minions.[2]

Her creations are particularly associated with her allies, Decay and Disease.[3] She dwells on the Magical Plane of Air.[2]

Hmurresh has few Priests, but those who do worship the deity wear black and use a Fly as their symbol.[3]

She is closely associated with, and is possibly the sister of, Arhallogen, Rikat and Siluva. These four deities together are the High Lords of the Invertebrates. Despite this association, Hmurresh and Arhallogen hate each other and work against each other's plans.[3]

There are many, many insect species on Titan each with its own minor deity all of whom, in one way or another, are subordinate to Hmurresh.

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