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House of Hell was a planned cinematic adaptation of the gamebook of the same title due for release in 2012. It was not made.


Rights for adapting the gamebook were obtained in 2010 by Superteam Productions, allowing them to make a live action theatre version (scheduled for a 45 week film shoot), as well as interactive versions of the same film for release via BluRay and the internet (the online version is also planned to be made available via mobile phones and as an iPad application. The three versions of the film will be shot, edited and scored different from each other, this will allow people to watch and enjoy each version as if it's almost a different film.

Cinema VersionEdit

The cinema version is a normal film with a start, middle and end, there is no interactive segments in this version.

BluRay and Internet VersionsEdit

Superteam have developed some new technology that will allow the Blu Ray version to store items that the viewer collects, Superteam have also created a new 2.5D effect, details of 2.5D are a close kept secret but we know it's a 3D type system that doesn't require any new technology or glasses.

The Blu Ray and Internet version are interactive which has "segments", the segments are like scenes which connect to each other depending on which segment the viewer chooses.

At the end of a segment the viewer has a choice of which course of action to take next, they could choose to go through a door, fight a monster or run away from the monster, normally there's about 2-4 choices per segment, there's approx 400 segments in total.

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