The Icefinger Mountains are the second most northern mountain range in Titan, stretching from the west coast Allansia to Zengis, and developing into the Freezeblood Mountains just north of the Forest of Night after many leagues of rolling hills.[1]

They are a desolate region, infamous for being home to Toa-Suo and Yeti, though Mammoth are also known to frequent the lower slopes and valleys. It is in the Icefinger Mountains that Shareela made her home,[2] as well as the cult of Elim after the resurrection of Sargon.[3] Their sole redeeming feature is that they protect much of Chiang-Mai from the freezing winds that blow down from the Frozen Plateau, enabling this fertile land to remain that way.

Use of the Definite Article in (The) Icefinger MountainsEdit

In some canon sources, particularly those by Ian Livingstone, these mountains are referred to simply as "Icefinger Mountains" rather than "the Icefinger Mountains".

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