Incidental Art is an integral part of the artwork for the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

It consists of small pieces of filler art dotted throughout the gamebooks which are used to break up the monotony of the printed text and to add to the atmosphere of the adventures. Drawn by the same artists who provided the main illustrations, Incidental Art typically consists of five or six small illustrations related to the theme of the gamebook they appear in. Each incidental illustration appears numerous times throughout the book, and may appear in more than one size.

The following table lists Fighting Fantasy Incidental Art by gamebook, and records the following pieces of information:

  • Title of book
  • Number of different pieces of Incidental Art
  • Brief description of each piece of Incidental Art
  • Number of occurrences of each piece of Incidental Art in smaller and larger sizes
Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks - Incidental Art
No. Book Title Incidental Art No. of Occurrences
1The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Sword
Pile of treasure
2The Citadel of ChaosScroll
Curved knife
Pile of treasure
Bottled potion and chest
3The Forest of DoomHelmet and gauntlet
Forest sign
4Starship Traveller
5City of Thieves Helmeted skull
Zanbar Bone
Owen Carralif's sword
Row of hovels
Royal crest
6Deathtrap DungeonCylops Bat
Bubbling corpse
Dungeon monster motive
7Island of the Lizard KingCrows picking skull
Island with volcano
Lizard King in his Lair
8Scorpion SwampMushrooms
Submerged Swamp Orc
Submerged Swamp Goblin
Submerged Skeleton
Owl on slimey branch
9Caverns of the Snow Witch
10House of HellPinned Voodoo Doll,
Ceremonial Dagger,
Pile of Bones,
Clawed Ceremonial Stick,
Bubbling Chalice with Mallet a Stake and Garlic etc.,
Ancient Book with assorted items
11Talisman of Death
12Space Assassin
13Freeway Fighter
14Temple of Terror
15The Rings of Kether
16Seas of BloodOctopus
Treasure chest
Crossed sword and torch
17Appointment with F.E.A.R.
18Rebel Planet
19Demons of the Deep
20Sword of the Samurai
21Trial of Champions
22Robot Commando
23Masks of Mayhem
24Creature of HavocSpiked cudgel and ball-and-chain
Chaos army
Sword set in stone
Witches and cauldron
Owl in a graveyard
Hobbit fleeing down a tunnel
Dungeon door-way
The Galleykeep
25Beneath Nightmare Castle
26Crypt of the Sorcerer
27Star Strider
28Phantoms of Fear
29Midnight Rogue
30Chasms of Malice
31Battleblade Warrior
32Slaves of the Abyss
33Sky Lord
34Stealer of Souls
35Daggers of DarknessGryphawk
Mamlik Assassin
Dagger through skull
Snake in treasure-chest
36Armies of Death
37Portal of Evil
38Vault of the Vampire
39Fangs of Fury
40Dead of Night
41Master of Chaos
42Black Vein Prophecy
43The Keep of the Lich-Lord
44Legend of the Shadow Warriors
45Spectral Stalkers
46Tower of Destruction
47The Crimson Tide
49Siege of Sardath
50Return to Firetop Mountain
51Island of the Undead
52Night Dragon
54Legend of Zagor
56Knights of DoomArmour and Weapons
Orc Wolf-Riders
Flaming Sword
Crossed banners of the Templars and of Chaos
Assassin's Dagger
58Revenge of the Vampire
59Curse of the Mummy
W1Eye of the Dragon
W3Howl of the Werewolf
W5Night of the Necromancer
W6Blood of the Zombies
P1The Warrior's Way
P2The Warlock's Way

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