Irritaria was the mighty super continent from which the present continents of Titan are but a remnant. [1][2] The time period that Irritaria existed was known as "The Time of Heroes".[3] Irritaria saw the rise of the first early societies, the discovery of useful inventions, and the exploits of many legendary champions.[3] Irritarian was the home of some of Titan's earliest heroes. These included the warrior brothers, Rerek Halfhand and Myzar Halfhand, the Dwarf Hangahar Goldseeker, and the Elf Téla Oriens, the White Lord.[1] Irritaria was covered by a gigantic area of woodland called the One Forest. The continent also had several nations in it, including Taralak, and Djarat on the west coast, Kelios in the south-east, and Granat in the north-east.[1][2] An area on the east of Irritaria, (near to where the city of Arion now stands) was ruled by the tyrannical Archmage, Pyra-Caltor the God-King.[4]

At some point in Irritaria's history, on the continent's eastern coast, a portal was briefly opened between a parallel world and Titan. This caused the event called "The Fall of the Savage Innocents". [5] This portal also scattered numerous Dinosaurs across Irritaria: their descendants eventually evolved into creatures such as the Gunderwal, the Pit Fiend and the Flesh-Eater.[5]

In around 1000OT the gods of Titan, angry at the tyranny of King Faramos XXIII of Atlantis, displayed their awesome power. The great continent of Irritaria was torn asunder in the great disaster called the Splitting of Irritaria, and the island of Atlantis was sunk.[1] This catastrophe formed the three continents of Khul, Allansia and the Old World. Many beings lost their lives and Mankind's civilization was set back five hundred years, taking at least four centuries to establish new lands with which we are now familiar.[1][6]

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