The Isles of the Dawn are an archipelago situated in the Black Ocean.

Consisting of the five islands of Aven, Solace, Sunara, Takio and Tura, with Sunara being the largest, the Isles are located quite deep within the Black Ocean, and the nearest landmasses are actually other islands, most of them archipelagos too. Heading north-west from the Isles of the Dawn one would come across the Arrowhead Islands, while the Coral Islands are to the north-east. Directly west is Yotakami Island, while to the east are the Shark Islands.[1]

Of the three great continents, the nearest one to the Isles of the Dawn is Khul.

There are some similarities between the inhabitants of the Isles of the Dawn and the inhabitants of Hachiman, and there may well be cultural and historical connections between the two regions. The Isles are, nevertheless, a strange place - customs and creatures have been encountered upon the Isles that have been found nowhere else on Titan.[2]


Most of the inhabitants of the Isles of the Dawn are Humans. These humans tend to have pale skin, straight black or brown hair, and brown or black eyes with epicanthic folds.[3] The majority of these Humans earn their living by farming or fishing.[4]

A species of frog-like humanoids, the Kreehuls, also dwell on the Isles.[5]


The people of the Isles speak a distinct language; some of the people in Hachiman have also learned this language and can speak it fluently.[6]


The capital city of the Isles is Shoudu on the southwest of Sunara. The God-King, ruler of the Isles, lives there. [7] Following the events of Black Vein Prophecy, the current God-King is named Maior; he governs with the aid of his Grand Councillor of the Isles, Merzei. [8]


Before the Splitting of Irritaria, the land that would later become the Isles of the Dawn was ruled by a small kingdom named Kelios. Here the young prince Faramos XXIII was found.[9]

In the past, there were "strange peoples who dwelt on the Isles of the Dawn before the eruption of the volcano that sank most of them beneath the waters." These people worshipped a god called Arn.[10] The people believed Arn created the the gods of the Celestial Court, and when they died their souls would ascend to the skies to join Arn.[10] Arn is still worshipped as the patron deity of the archipelago, and the monks in the Golden Crane Mountains devote their lives to serving their deity.[11]

The Remaining Islands[]

The remaining Isles are the following:




Sunara's largest city is the capital, Shoudu, which sits on the mouth of the Red River. The capital of the central province is the urban centre of Traole. The central province also includes the town of Yenshu, and the Golden Crane Mountains.[11]



Flora and Fauna[]

Mulberry Trees and silkworms play an important part in the Isles' economy, by being the source of the Isles' silk trade.[12]

Further Notes[]

  • Paul Mason stated that he and Steve Williams based the names and society of the Isles on Ancient China.[13]
  • Terry D'Orleans published a list of Chinese-inspired weapons, suitable for use in a campaign set on the Isles, in The Warlock Returns Issue 1.[14]

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