skill 10
stamina 12
luck none
Preferred Weapon Magic Wand, Fire blasts
Homeland Zamarra
Known associates Ostragoth the Grim, Jinxana, the Mage Warriors of Jaxartes
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Evil

Jaxartes is a great wizard, once the most powerful of the Mage Order.[1]

Such was his thirst for knowledge and power that he began to delve into the darker arts and soon became enamoured of them. He formed an alliance with Ostragoth the war leader and attempted to overthrow the Order by leading an assault on Zamarra on 21st Corn Ripening (19th Fire), 284AC,[2] but was thwarted by the Torchbearer.

Further NotesEdit

  • Along with many other references from Fangs of Fury, the name of "Jaxartes" is derived from a name associated firmly with ancient history on Earth. In this case it is the river Jaxartes, the Greek name of the large river in Central Asia now known as Syr Darya, which feeds into the Aral Sea, and was the border separating Sogdia (roughly modern Uzbekistan), the northernmost satrapy of the Achaemenid Empire from the Central Asian Steppes. In the Battle of the Jaxartes in August 329 BCE, the Macedonian king Alexander the Great defeated an army of Central-Asian mounted nomads in arguably his most spectacular battle.

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