skill 1
stamina 2
Attacks 1
Habitat Caves, Hills
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Animal
Reaction Average
Intelligence Low

Jib-Jibs are a type of Animal in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and Distribution[]

Jib-Jibs are strange creatures that inhabit the hills of Low Xamen in Kakhabad.[1] They make their homes in dark caves[2] near undergrowth and the source of the vegetarian food. Since they have no effective means of digging themselves a shelter, they choose any convenient cave, which can vary greatly in size.[3]

A Jib-Jib in full alarm.

Their reputation, thanks to inquisitive scholars, has reached far and wide because of their unusual defense against predators (see Special Abilities, below).[4][5] For this reason, a number of establishments - like the Port Blacksand Merchants' Guild - use these creatures as living alarm systems.[5][6] Thus, Jib-Jibs are not limited to their native Low Xamen and have been exported far and wide for their voices. However, it does not appear that they are indigenous anywhere else but Low Xamen.

A Jib-Jib was also encountered in a cabin of the Twice Shy, the Riddling Reaver's sea going vessel, off the coast of southern Allansia. This particular creature belonged to the Genie that controlled the navigation of the ship, and was his "beloved pet" which the genie himself described as his companion.[7]

The knowledge of Jib-Jibs as far away as Allansia was also demonstrated by Zharradan Marr's successful experimental attempts to turn Rats into Jib-Jibs using his particular brand of magic, Marrangha.[8]


A sleeping Jib-Jib.

Jib-jibs are shy and secretive creatures. They look like a small ball of fur no bigger than a cabbage[9] balanced on two stumpy legs with large feet. Their small eyes are set just above their disproportionately large mouth. They have no teeth or claws. They are vegetarians, living on small bushes and plants by sucking the juices and nutrients from them.[1]

Special Abilities[]

Physically, the Jib-Jib is no match for the many potential predators that live off smaller and less defensive creatures. However, it has evolved a very effective defence with its tremendously loud voice. When danger threatens, the Jib-Jib will howl an "unearthly, ear-splitting wail"[1] intended to frighten predators into thinking a much more imposing beast has made the sound.[10] The volume is usually quite tremendrous, hence its earlier descriped use as a guard pet.[11][1][12] Once a threat has passed, the Jib-Jib is capable of calming down very quickly and even falling to sleep within a minute or so.[7]

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