Kaad is an old city, in northwestern Allansia, located in the province of Chiang Mai.[1] Kaad was built long before the War of the Wizards, and one that has recently revived the worship of Ashra and Vuh, as the result of successfully defending itself against the army of Sargon the Elimite, with the help of the local Tanglewood Goblin tribe and the people of Ekaad, who were the city's original inhabitants.[2]

It had previously suffered the ravages of Sargon's hate when he unleashed a virulent plague upon it, though this was halted by Gereth Yaztromo before it could claim the lives of the entire populace. [3]

Although Kaad is in Chiang Mai, it is referred to as a "city-state" and seems to be independent of Baron Sukumvit's rule.[4]

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Alternate Name of Kaan[]

Kaad in Out of the Pit - the "D", looks like an "N"

In the map published with the book Dungeoneer, Kaad is shown as "Kaan". This seems to be an obvious mistake. One theory as to why the "D" was replaced with an "N" is that the illustrator, Leo Hartas, used, as research, a previous map of the region by Dave Andrews, as published in Out of the Pit. The way in which Dave Andrews wrote his "N"s was as a lowercase "n", such that the downward sweep of the right vertical of the "n" curved back inwards, forming a continous curve from the top line of the "n". All that differentiated this from his "D" was that the bottoms of the two verticals of the "n" did not meet wheras they did on the "D". The "D" written on the end of "Kaad" in Dave Andrews' Out of the Pit map, had its bottom obscured by the river running south of Kaad,[5] thus look very much like an "n". The use of the term "Kaan" was further grounded in canon later in the book Dungeoneer, where, in the background of Jerek Stormgard, the reader is told that he hails from "Kaan". Presumably the author either went from the map in Dungeoneer, or made the same potential mistake in looking back at Out of the Pit.

Jonathan Green also used the spelling "Kaan" in his rejected Fighting Fantasy book Outlaws of Kaan. He notes that this arose from a misreading of the Out of the Pit map, and was not corrected when he pitched the proposal.

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