The resident of Kazallu Island and her birds.

Kazallu Island is a fertile little island in the Southern Sea.[1]

However, the only thing on this island is a farmhouse. It is the inhabitant of that farmhouse which prevents more people visiting the island, for she is a witch of beguiling powers. Beautiful to look at, she entices those that would visit her island to eat and drink with her. When they do, they are turned into animals and Birds never to leave the island again. The witch is known to also have some mastery over the element of fire to that extent that was able to summon a Salamander guardian. However, the Salamander only served her under the condition that it would only attack those that could not answer its riddle. It is believed that if the witch is killed, then all those that have been transformed by her will return to their Human shapes.

Further Notes[]

  • Like a number of others names from the lands of the Inland Sea, Kazallu is based on a name from ancient Mesopotamia - in this case the city Kazallu.