Several soldiers of Kish.

Kish is the largest of the Inland Sea cities.[1]

It is a dour place fortified with immense walls to protect it from the warlike barbarians of the lands to the west. The people of Kish do not welcome strangers to the city except merchants.

In 105AC on the 9th of Skies in Darkness, the great Herantis of Kish died.[2]

The emblem of Kish adorns their warships sails and battle banners, this being a black Eagle on a white sail.

To the west of Kish lies lands occupied for centuries by barbarians, described by the Kishians as hairy wild men. So fierce has been the encounters between the two cultures that centuries ago a great wall was built by Kish to keep out the barbarians.

Kish is a mighty naval power, and although sluggish, Kishian war galleys are heavily armed. The Kishian army is distinctive due to the short blue robes and steel armour of its soldiers. Kish's defences are powerful with the city maintaining not only soldiers but a well equipped cavalry as well as the previously mentioned navy. The elite corps of the Kishian Army are known as the Kishian Winged Hussars. The main trade routes between Kish and the Eastern Rim lie between Enraki and the Shoals of Trysta.

Further Notes[]

  • Like a number of others names from the lands of the Inland Sea, Kish is based on a name from ancient Mesopotamia - in this case the city Kish.