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The Kissing Ritual of Courga is a ritual performed on Courga's idol in his shrine in Kharé.

Failing to observe the proper steps while kissing the god of Grace is lethal.

Correctly Performing the Ritual in the GamebookEdit

There are three clues as to the correct sequence. Kharé's unfortunate Seventh Noble will state that the left eye "leads the way" [1] and the player can also hear that somebody was killed for kissing the idol on the cheek.

This gives an indication of where to start and what to avoid. The rest of the ritual is provided in the quatrain inscribed above Courga's idol in the illustration of (122):

On Courga's face you kiss a cross

and finish on the lips.
For answers to your questions you
must err not else he spits.[2]

Adding these pieces of information up, it's easy to see that the player then must kiss in the sign of a cross, starting with the left eye, avoiding the nose and ending on the lips.

A tidily shaped cross is formed by the sequence of left eye; right eye; forehead; lips. After performing this sequence of kisses, the idol's eyes will flick open and Courga will grant the player an answer to one question.[3]

Further InformationEdit

  • In Kharé, Telak is not acknowledged, and the city regards Courga as male.
  • In the Inkle's adaptation of Sorcery!, if you have killed anyone without self-defense as an excuse, the idol will awaken, but will refuse you help.

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