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Location: South Pim
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Author(s): Calfiero Risaliti
Illustrator(s): various
Cover illustrator: N/A
First published: 1st December 2018
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Lair of the Frogs is a fan written Advanced Fighting Fantasy adventure for 3-5 low-experienced adventurers in the Blackmoor Living World and it can be downloaded here: from the website of the Chimerae Hobby Group.


There is only one part of the Kingdom of Blackmoor that never freezes solid in Winter: the Great Dismal Swamp, known for having so many hot water springs that they make its climate milder. These springs let out sulphurous water, that stinks quite bad, but many adventurers prefer it to freezing. For this reason, you are travelling to South Pim, the second biggest settlement of the Great Dismal Swamp after Lake Gloomy, a place known as a good starting point for adventurers.

Who knows what adventures are waiting for you in the Great Dismal Swamp!



This conversion guideline follows the original rules set down in the second edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game, by Arion Games (see Advanced Fighting Fantasy System) with a number of house rules to adapt the ruleset to the original Blackmoor setting (impacting mostly character creation stages and ranged attacks).

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