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Les Edwards is an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in a number of Fighting Fantasy related publications including eleven Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, Warlock and other related publications. He is best known for his horror, science fiction and fantasy illustrations. In addition to his own name, he works under the pseudonym Edward Miller.


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He trained at Hornsey School of Art and was represented by Young Artists Agency London.


Cover Illustrator

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Interior Illustrator

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Edwards was also responsible for the artwork on a number of Steve Jackson's BattleCards:

BattleCards by Les Edwards
US Edition UK Edition
US No.US Name UK No. UK Name
3Les Edwards23Les Edwards
50Lord of the Masque60Lord of the Masque
51George Lacklustre71George Lacklustre
52The Iron Maiden5The Iron Maiden
53John the Agreeable62John the Agreeable
54Helmut the Bold70Helmut the Bold
55Boris the Brave97Boris the Brave
56D'Accord the Daring30D'Accord the Daring
57Croque the Hunter89Croque the Hunter
58Firenzi the Fearless128Firenzi the Fearless
59Ferrario the Valiant54Ferrario the Valiant
60VanVincent the Fluent106VanVincent the Fluent
61Barbarian Swordsman87Barbarian Swordsman
62Obojo the Cruel47Obojo the Cruel
63The Medusa32The Medusa
64The Crypt Stalker14The Crypt Stalker
65The Dark Warrior84The Dark Warrior
66The Flesh-Eater12The Flesh-Eater
68Horned Devils101Horned Devils
71Deathweb Spider38Giant Deathweb Spider
73Soulpod Plant18Soulpod Plant
74Salaman Rush Demon139Salaman
75WolfmanNote 1123WolfmanNote 1

BattleCard NotesEdit
  1. Wolfman specified that the artist was Unknown. This was to facilitate a quest (Lord Magnoble's Quest), where the player had to find the five cards whose artist was identified by a question mark ("?"), rather than by name, and having found these cards, identify who the artist was. In the case of this card, it was Les Edwards.

Outside of Fighting FantasyEdit

He is now represented by Val Edwards. He has work includes major advertising campaigns, publishing, comics and film design, but he is best know for his genre illustrations. He has illustrated two graphic novels, Rawhead Rex and Son of Celluloid, based on short stories from Clive Barker's Books of Blood.

He has has won the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist seven times, and has been nominated three times for a World Fantasy Award.

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