Domain Justice and Truth
Home Celestial Court
Other Names Sicalla, Bersten and Macalla
Symbols Scales of Justice
Parentage Sindla (and Lord Moon according to some traditions)
Siblings Asrel and Usrel
Affiliations Hall of Mind
Priest Colours Grey
Holy Days 23rd Dark (24th Skies in Darkness)[1]
10th Winds (10th Birds Chatter)[2]
4th Fire (5th Corn Ripening)[3]
For other uses of Libra, see Libra (disambiguation)

Libra is the Goddess of Justice and Truth. She is known by a number of different names across Titan and is most often depicted holding the scales of justice.

Place Among the Gods[]

Libra is said to understand all aspects of Good, Neutrality and Evil, Law and Chaos, and as goddess of Justice and Truth she has a place in the Hall of Mind.[4]

A statue of Libra.


She is the daughter of Sindla and therefore she is sister to Usrel and Asrel. Some religions believe that Lord Moon was Sindla’s husband and hence Libra would be his daughter.

Worship and Variations across Titan[]

Libra is the patron goddess of Analand, worshipped at Lake Libra that carries her name. It is a point of pride among Analanders to make pilgrimages there to worship, although many religious groups have monasteries there. Libra is also venerated in Ruddlestone.[5] In northern Allansia she also goes by the name Libra.[6] The Halls of Justice in Fang are well-known as being the biggest temple complex dedicated to Libra in Allansia. [7] The largest temple to Libra on Titan, however, is a huge cathedral in Crystal City, Femphrey.[7] Elsewhere she is also known as Sicalla, Bersten and Macalla.

The peasants of The Shamutanti Hills also venerate Libra - there is a small temple to her in Birritanti.[4] Although a notorious place of crime, deprivation and lawlessness, Kharé has a small population of people who still turn to Libra, perhaps in desperation. The symbols of their faith in this goddess can be seen in graffiti found on buildings and river walls.[8]

Graffiti on the river wall below The Wayfarer's Rest inn in Kharé

Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice and she is often depicted as a beautiful woman holding such scales in her hand, with her other hand raised in admonishment or blessing. Her priests will be clad in grey robes and may be encountered on journeys throughout Titan for they have adventuring spirits wishing to bring justice to the wild lands of the world.

Further Notes[]

Libra plays a major role in the Sorcery! series of books. The player is able, once per book, to call upon the goddess Libra, patron goddess of Analand (the player's home nation). This can be done at any time to restore the character's skill, stamina and luck statistics to their maximum, or to remove all curses and diseases with which the player has become afflicted. In addition to this, there are several points in the adventure at which the player is given the opportunity to call upon Libra to release them from imprisonment, or more importantly, instant death.[9]

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