UK Edition BattleCards
UK Edition BattleCards
UK No.UK Name Artist
1VangoriaUnknown BattleCard Artist
2The Heirs of VangorWaldmeister
3Zheena NightshadePeter Andrew Jones
4Lord of the LanceGino D'Achille
5The Iron MaidenLes Edwards
6The Angel of DeathPeter Andrew Jones
7The Trading PostUnknown BattleCard Artist
8DecayerIain McCaig
9Frost GiantGino D'Achille
10Forrin WeatherstormPeter Andrew Jones
11The Lyre of Eternal SongWaldmeister
12The Flesh-EaterLes Edwards
13Fireball SpellAlan Craddock
14The Crypt StalkerLes Edwards
15Lord Magnoble's QuestWaldmeister
16River DevlinIain McCaig
17BrannakGino D'Achille
18Soulpod PlantLes Edwards
19Warrior of QuaineGino D'Achille
20Prince LionheartIain McCaig
21Bronze ShieldTerry Oakes
22The Sword of SlayingWaldmeister
23Les EdwardsLes Edwards
24JorramunghaPeter Andrew Jones
25Lord VengeanceGino D'Achille
26Summon Creature SpellAlan Craddock
27Constantian CutthroatUnknown BattleCard Artist
28SnarggIain McCaig
29ShamblerGino D'Achille
30D'Accord the DaringLes Edwards
31Karanga the FerociousPeter Andrew Jones
32The MedusaLes Edwards
33The Genie in the JewelWaldmeister
34The Beast RidersGino D'Achille
35The Princess' SuitorWaldmeister
36Baagan the BravePeter Andrew Jones
37Checklist 1No BattleCard Artwork
38Giant Deathweb SpiderLes Edwards
39Magic Shield SpellAlan Craddock
40Baron OldschwartzGino D'Achille
41Gargantuan MarauderPeter Andrew Jones
42VerrancusIain McCaig
43Jahnu the HunterPeter Andrew Jones
44The Talisman of FortuneWaldmeister
45The Cursewitch's QuestWaldmeister
46Shula the ArcheressGino D'Achille
47Obojo the CruelLes Edwards
48Terry OakesTerry Oakes
49Dragonhide ShieldTerry Oakes
50Aragon TruebladePeter Andrew Jones
51The KoonsquineGino D'Achille
52Anti-Magic SpellAlan Craddock
53Hill GoblinIain McCaig
54Ferrario the ValiantLes Edwards
55Rings of Harrak-BarrWaldmeister
56Erik the RepententGino D'Achille
57Warg the MightyIain McCaig
58The BowmasterPeter Andrew Jones
59BloodsuckersLes Edwards
60Lord of the MasqueLes Edwards
61Oafus & WilberforceGino D'Achille
62John the AgreeableLes Edwards
63Lord of the FliesIain McCaig
64Vangorian KnightTerry Oakes
65The Jester's QuestWaldmeister
66The Orb of ShantosWaldmeister
67Maglan VinnUnknown BattleCard Artist
68Stallion-ManIain McCaig
69SylvannePeter Andrew Jones
70Helmut the BoldLes Edwards
71George LacklustreLes Edwards
72Zittonian SwordsmanPeter Andrew Jones
73Iain McCaigIain McCaig
74Checklist 2No BattleCard Artwork
75Lord of DarknessIain McCaig
76TitaniaGino D'Achille
77The DragonstoneWaldmeister
78Mutiny SpellAlan Craddock
79Ironbark ShieldTerry Oakes
80Demon of EelseaPeter Andrew Jones
81Yard GamesAlan Craddock
82Card GamesAlan Craddock
83CampaignsAlan Craddock
84The Dark WarriorLes Edwards
85St. Charity's QuestWaldmeister
86Sister of DarknessIain McCaig
87Barbarian SwordsmanLes Edwards
88The Amulet of Eternal BeautyWaldmeister
89Croque the HunterLes Edwards
90The InquisitorGino D'Achille
91Shield Dissolve SpellAlan Craddock
92Horo SogaPeter Andrew Jones
93FirebreatherIain McCaig
94FeliniusGino D'Achille
95Wondrous Treasure QuestWaldmeister
96StranglerIain McCaig
97Boris the BraveLes Edwards
98Peter Andrew JonesPeter Andrew Jones
99The Crown of VangorWaldmeister
100Quest CluesAlan Craddock
101Horned DevilsLes Edwards
102Horo MatangiPeter Andrew Jones
103Krudd & GorrIain McCaig
104Peaceful Calm SpellAlan Craddock
105The Fool's QuestWaldmeister
106VanVincent the FluentLes Edwards
107Battle OrcGino D'Achille
108SpineslayerIain McCaig
109HellhoundLes Edwards
110Norman StormcloudGino D'Achille
111Battle SecretsAlan Craddock
112Checklist 3No BattleCard Artwork
113HomunculusLes Edwards
114Dwarvenforged ShieldTerry Oakes
115Ice DragonGino D'Achille
116Venga the GrimPeter Andrew Jones
117Mental Combat SpellAlan Craddock
118Stagcastle Man-at-ArmsIain McCaig
119ManticusGino D'Achille
120The Dragon PrinceIain McCaig
121Gleeta SpeePeter Andrew Jones
122The VenomessIain McCaig
123WolfmanUnknown BattleCard Artist
124Brenn the AvengerGino D'Achille
125BaalthazacLes Edwards
126Gino D'AchilleGino D'Achille
127IronscalePeter Andrew Jones
128Firenzi the FearlessLes Edwards
129BattleshieldTerry Oakes
130Sword Control SpellAlan Craddock
131Attack: Head; Defend: Head & LegsTerry Oakes
132Attack: Body; Defend: Head & ArmsTerry Oakes
133Attack: Arms; Defend: Body & ArmsTerry Oakes
134Attack: Legs; Defend: Head & BodyTerry Oakes
135Attack: Head; Defend: Body & ArmsTerry Oakes
136Attack: Body; Defend: Body & LegsTerry Oakes
137Attack: Arms; Defend: Head & LegsTerry Oakes
138Attack: Legs; Defend: Arms & LegsTerry Oakes
139SalamanLes Edwards
140Prince GallantGino D'Achille
141Alan CraddockAlan Craddock
142BonescratcherIain McCaig
143Force Field SpellAlan Craddock
144The Red KnightPeter Andrew Jones
145The Rune QuestWaldmeister
146The Sisters of DamnationPeter Andrew Jones
147'King' DummIain McCaig
149Checklist 4No BattleCard Artwork
150Emperor of VangoriaPeter Andrew Jones

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