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"References Needed!" Hamaskis demands it
Lizard King
skill 9
stamina 10
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Typically swords, with a particular preference for fire swords
Habitat Dungeons, Jungles, Marshes, Ruins
Number Encountered 1
Type 1
Reaction Humanoid/Reptile
Intelligence High

Lizard Kings originally emerged from the warring tribes of Lizard Men.

Stronger and more intelligent than Lizard Men, the Lizard Kings rule over the tribes, with each tribe ruled by a single king. As befits their position, they are attended by large bodyguards consisting of 20 hand picked warriors.

Although often regarded as part of the Lizard Man race, in their own societies they are considered a breed apart. Indeed, in the interests of maintaining pure blood (and perhaps also its superior abilities), a Lizard King interbreeding with lesser Lizard Men is punishable by death. Lizard Kings can be harmed only by fire swords (that incidentally are their favorite weapons) and for some unknown reason are terrified of monkeys.[1]

Each Lizard King holds sway over his own tribe, but within the Lizard Men's capital, located in the southern swamplands, a single overarching council exists to which all of the Kings "pay fealty".[2]

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