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Lord Azzur's Palace is a building that was designed by someone with a taste for the extravagant.[1]

It dominates the Port Blacksand skyline and is visible miles away. It is solid looking with plain walls rising many metres before being broken by small windows. Two towers perch atop the main building, the taller northern one flying Lord Varek Azzur's standard.

The interior layout of the building is known only to a few trusted people who never leave the palace. Outside visitors are escorted up the immense front staircase and enter via the huge front doors. Inside are a number of antechambers and waiting areas and an audience room divided in two by a carved wooden screen. Azzur sits behind the screen and listens to what his visitors have to say. He then whispers his reply to a henchman who relays the message. Prisoners sentenced to stay in the palace dungeons enter by a small doorway. The dungeons are vast and in many places meet up with the ancient ruins of Carsepolis. There are said to be unimaginable horrors in those dungeons and indeed some prisoners have never been seen again.

The palace grounds are hidden from public view but are neatly laid out with a number of buildings and a gravel carriageway set among many trees. It is said that it bears some resemblance to the Arion-style of landscaping. The City Guard barracks are also within the walls near the immense iron gates, housing 180 guards. The captain of the City Guard has a separate dwelling near by. The grounds also contain stables and some storehouses.

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