Magic is a supernatural manipulation of the world, and is encountered in many forms throughout Titan, ranging from high sorcery to enchanted items. Its practitioners go by various labels, often depending on the type of magic they use.[1]

Notably, the first system of magic available for use to the player was introduced in The Citadel of Chaos, which featured twelve spells and a magic statistic in addition to the regular skill, stamina and luck scores.[2]

Magic in Titan[]

Fittingly for a world fashioned from magical soil,[3] there are many different types of magic found upon Titan. An attempt to actually arrange all its forms into categories might prove difficult, not least because some magic suggests properties of several different categories at once, and some may defy classification altogether.

Types of Magic[]

Though classification is difficult, there are nevertheless some discrete types of magic that are commonly encountered.

Minor Magic[]

Minor Magic is the knowledge of small charms and low-powered spells, useful in daily life.[1][4] Wizard's Apprentices, Hedge Wizards and Village Wisewomen are the most frequent users of this knowledge.


Wizardry is a school of Magic.[5] Wizardry magic draws its power from the invisible arcane force that pervades the world of Titan, and the lengthy apprenticeship of a Wizard uses the scholarship of many centuries to develop the skill to use this force.[5]

Wizardry was developed on the continent of Allansia and is still the most popular magical tradition on that continent. Master wizards such as the Grand Wizard of Yore, Vermithrax Moonchaser, teach this art to a large number of apprentices.[5] Most wizards are virtuous people; however if a wizard was to turn evil they could use Wizardry for malevolent purposes. An example of a good wizard is Yaztromo. An example of an evil wizard is Volgera Darkstorm.

Priestly Magic[]

The Priests of Titan have magical abilities granted to them by their patron gods, which differ from the spells cast by wizards and sorcerers. Priests have several priestly powers (usually four) gifted to them by their patron deity, and can usually use each power once per day.[6]


Sorcery is a school of Magic that originally developed in the Old World, but is now practiced across Titan.[7] Sorcery spells draw on the Sorcerer’s own life energy, and often require physical components.[7]

Naval Sorcery[]

Naval Sorcery is a type of magic that involves manipulating bodies of water (lakes, rivers or the sea). Naval Sorcerers are valued by sea captains and usually work on ocean-going ships.[8]

Mask Magic[]

Mask Magic is a rare type of magic taught in Arantis, which uses specially crafted masks to heal injuries and illnesses. [9][10]

Ice Magic[]

Ice Magic is a variety of magic that uses frost, ice and snow. Little is known about it, except that this magic is believed to be the source of Shareella the Snow Witch's power.[11]


Shamanism is the style of magic usually practicised among tribal communities on Titan. Many Human communities in the jungles, as well as Wood Elves and Orcs, have a Shaman in their tribe. [12][13][14][15][16]A Shaman is described as a "strange cross between a priest, druid and necromancer". Shamans have healing spells, as well as spells to communicate with the dead and inflict injury on foes.[16][17] A Shaman can be Good, Neutral or Evil.[16]


Conjuration is the magic of summoning supernatural entities.[10]


Necromancy is the magic that centres on manipulation of life and death.[10] Necromancy involves speaking to, resurrecting and manipulating the dead. Necromancers are feared throughout most of Titan; Necromancy is outlawed in most communities, and a known Necromancer will be banned from entering many cities and towns.[10] It's also notable in Titan for a possible contradiction. The Background text in Return to Firetop Mountain states that "wizards who chose to come back from the dead were... always aligned to evil, for it was dark magic that was needed to cheat death".[18] Yet, the Resurrection spell (RES in The Sorcery Spell Book) uses Holy Water and doesn't appear to have any evil effects at all.[19]

Magical Tattooing[]

Magical Tattooing is the magic of putting tattoos with special powers on another person's skin.[10]

Battle Magic[]

Battle Magic is magic specially designed for use in military combat, able to affect units of troops.[10][20]


Enchanting is the magic of creating objects with innate magical powers.[10]

Chaos Magic[]

Chaos Magic is a dangerous type of spellcasting where the spellcaster (called a Chaos Mage) taps into that most primeval of energies; that of Chaos (force).[10] Chaos Magic is highly dangerous to both the caster and the caster's targets; hence it is outlawed in most areas. Chaos magic is mainly practiced in remote parts of Kakhabad and Khul.[10] A spellcaster calling himself a "Chaos Mage" was recorded in the Kallamehr region.[21]


Witchcraft is a primitive form of magic used by witches. It focuses on simple magics like herbalism, curses and prophecy. Romeena Dree invented her own witchcraft named Marrangha.


Notura was a "perverse mixture of magic, alchemy and physiology" used by the evil mystic and general, Karam Gruul.[22] Notura enabled Gruul to live for centuries, create new life-forms, and attack his enemies' minds and bodies.[23] It is unknown if there are other Notura practitioners. or if it was a magic style unique to Gruul.

"Words of Power"[]

On the Isles of the Dawn, the inhabitants use an unusual system of Magic different from anywhere else on Titan. Instead of the ordered Spells used elsewhere, the Isles' Magic involves the combination of special Words of Power. These words include words include Tiaohe—the power of Harmonization; Shangsuo—the power of Locking; Baopo—the power of Disruption; and Biantai—the power of Mutation.[24]


Demonology Magic is a type of Conjuring, that involves summoning and controlling Demons. It is nearly always practiced by Evil beings, as it involves unethical experiments and foul deeds that a Good or Neutral person would balk at.[25] The idea of working with entities as evil as Demons provokes horror in most Human societies. Hence a Demonologist is hated even more than a Chaos Mage or a Necromancer, and Demonology is outlawed in most civilised areas. [25]

Primal Magic[]

Primal Magic was a very powerful kind of magic used by the spellcasters of ancient Atlantis. Today Primal Magic is almost forgotten, except in some parts of north-east Khul.[26]


Technomancy is a special disciple developed by the Goblins of Pangaria. It utilizes a mix of elemental magic and engineering to produce some of the most advanced tools and vehicles in the whole of Titan.[27]

Means of Effecting Magic[]

Almost all magic used upon Titan appears to be manifested through hand gestures, words, rituals and magical items. Analand's famous sorcery system, for instance, uses gestures, words and, often, items too in the casting of spells.[28]

Further Notes[]

  • In the Old World each country's magical system is a jealously guarded secret.[29]

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