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Manata is a Snake Charmer living in a pit on the Baddu-Bak Plains.
Snake Charmer
skill 6
stamina 7
Type Humans-Cultures/Beings by Occupation

Origins and DistributionEdit

Manata lives in a pit north-west of Khare. [1] His reputation is such that the Baklands Horsemen will not go near him. [2]


Manata is a thin, dark-skinned man typically found with a Bamboo Pipe, and has a hissing voice [3] Manata is not automatically hostile and is eager to see if adventurers have any artefacts he can trade [4] He is particularly interested in Borrinskin boots, which he will trade for information on the Seven Serpents. [5] Without these boots, Manata will not divulge information about the Seven Serpents and will become hostile. [6] Manata will also trade Holy Water from Daddu-Yadu in exchange for two items, but not Gold or Provisions [7]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Manata's most obvious ability is his use of music to control his poisonous snakes. [8] These snakes can detect the Seven Serpents, learn their plans, and give the information to Manata. [9] Manata is immune to the JIG spell as he is himself a magical musician, though is vulnerable to the KID spell. [10] Manata's most powerful ability is to use his Bamboo Pipe to transform a target into another of his snakes. It appears that many of his snakes are transformed enemies. [11]

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The Seven Serpents

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