Mirewater is a small Dwarf town (or village) in northern Allansia which lies on the southern bank of the Red River, between Stonebridge and the coast.[1]

It is "inhabited by a race of evil Dwarfs who are in permanent conflict with the Dwarfs of Stonebridge".[2] Unexpected visitors to Mirewater may be unwelcome and may be denied access by crossbow-wielding Dwarf guards.[3]

Notable residents of Mirewater include Trumble, the trader Ganga, and Calla Bey. Trumble is perhaps characteristic of the residents of Mirewater in his hatred for Stonebridge,[4] and Ganga of Mirewater, given his dealings with the witch-village of Dree, is a rather unsavoury character. Calla Bey's attempt to overthrow Zharradan Marr may, on the other hand, suggest that not all of the inhabitants of Mirewater are Evil, although it is not impossible that he simply wished to capture the Galleykeep for his own purposes rather than to protect Stittle Woad.[5]

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