A Mountain Elf is an elf who lives in the elevated peaks of Titan. They dwell in small villages on the plateaus of the highest mountains. [1] [2] They are found in Allansia and Khul.[3] Mountain Elves are more rare than their woodland cousins.[4] Mountain Elves typically dress in brown cloth and furs.[2] Mountain Elves share their woodland cousins' aptitude with archery and magic, and are also strongly devoted to the Goddess Erillia.[1]

In Allansia, Mountain Elves mainly dwell in the Icefinger Mountains.[3] According to one source, some Mountain Elves dwell in Fang, including Szordrin the Grand, High Sorcerer of the city's School of Magic.[5] In the past, the Mountain Elves of Northern Allansia fought a war against the evil wizards called the Dark Twins and their Orc troops.[1]

In Khul, Mountain Elves are confined mainly to the Aetos Heights in Zamarra and the Ilkhan Ranges of Kazan. There may be some scattered groups in the Cloudhigh Mountains and Mountains of the Giants. They are highly adapted to living in the mountain environment. In Aetos in southern Zamarra, they have even developed a method of flying with the use of mechanical wings.

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