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Author(s): Greg Neill
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First published: January 15 2018
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Murderous Mire is an amateur Fighting Fantasy adventure by Greg Neill. It was first published online in 2018 at the Fighting Fantazine Forum.


You're no fool – contrary to what you've frequently been told. So you've never considered entering the foul place known as Murderous Mire. Your adventuring tutor was really quite emphatic on the subject…

Armed only with a sword, a magic ring and some spell gems, you must salvage McGuffins from a mire which bears some resemblance to Scorpion Swamp but which is less rubbish. 


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Spells and the magic ring are made use of via simple look-up tables. (see Game System).



Main CharactersEdit

  • YOU – a warrior
  • Smilemister
  • Shadechukker
  • Eric the penguin
  • Mistress of Flightless Birds
  • Master of Bugs
  • Master of Gardens



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I have never laughed so much as reading "Deduct 1 from your attack strength every other round because the creature is so boring you forget that you have to attack it" - Paul Mc[1]

Great fun! Me and my six year old bairn enjoyed it loads! - Steven Doig[2]

I’m glad I took the time to play this little number. It’s well done, clever, challenging enough and not too frustrating… Of course, you’ll get a better nostalgia blast out of it if you know anything at all about Scorpion Swamp, but it is not required to enjoy it. - Dominic Marcotte[3]

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