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New Age is the name given to the first and only age of the latest epoch of Titan's history, After Chaos. The New Age, being the only age in this epoch, is therefore often used synonymously with After Chaos. However, this does not preclude the possibility that the New Age could give way to a future age that would still fall within the After Chaos epoch.[1]

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Titan's Timeline
Time of Clay Time of Naming Godtime
- 1 OT
Old Time
1OT - 1998OT
After Chaos
1AC - Present
Creation Time of Naming Pre-Golden Age Golden Age Gods
- 1 OT
Age of Darkness
1OT - 500 OT
Time of Heroes
500 OT - 1000 OT
Splitting Age of Wrath -
1000 OT - 1450 OT
Age of Empire -
1450OT - 1690 OT
Age of Wizards
1690OT - 1998 OT
Chaos Wars
New Age - 1AC- Present
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