Nippur is the furthest island south of the Inland Sea before the true unknown of the Southern Ocean begins.[1]

It has only one large bay, and has been used as a rendezvous point for the race to become King of Pirates. More importantly, Nippur is also a most sacred place of more ancient times, and it is believed that it might be the only remnant of the civilisation that dwelt in the lands that were sunk with the creation of the Inland Sea. Before the peak of Nippur's single mountain can be attained, man-made structures can be found on the slopes. Most impressively, half way up the Cone Mountain of Nippur is a wall which seems to surround the interior of the island.

Further Notes[]

  • Like a number of others names from the lands of the Inland Sea, Nippur is based on a name from ancient Mesopotamia - in this case the city Nippur.

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