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The North Gate of Kharé is the cityport's gateway to the Baklands.

Unlike Kharé's South Gate, facing the Shamutanti Hills,[1][2] the North Gate is magically locked and cannot be opened by a simple key. It is Kharé's bulwark against the Chaotic Baklands. Protected by Crolian guards and bound by magic, every precaution has been made to make the gate secure.[3]

Upon approaching the gate, a voice will ring out asking for the unlocking spell.[4] The penalty for getting the spell wrong is a harsh one - the gate's guardian, a Sulphur Ghost, will emerge and suffocate the poor unfortunate who uttered the wrong lines.[5]

The Unlocking SpellEdit

The North Gate spell is known in its entirety only to Sansas, Kharé's first noble. He is unavailable, and it is said in the text that he is sailing up the Jabaji. However, four of Kharé's nobles each hold a single line of the spell. The key to the gate, then. is finding the Nobles and gaining the lines.

The Holders of the SpellEdit

One line each can be gained from the Holy Man of Slangg, Lortag the Elder, Shinva and the Seventh Noble. The player must also perform a ritual at the Shrine of Courga.

Using and Acquiring the Unlocking Spell in the GamebookEdit

The spell is a quatrain, and runs thusly:

So tumblers two sealed deep inside
One lock made out of Golem's hide
By Courga's grace and Fourga's pride
I bid you, portals, open wide.

The player must gain a reference number from the spell's lines. The spell suggests (214). Line one contains a 2, line three contains a 1 while 4 is found in Fourga's name on line four.

214 is the correct order, and turning to this reference unlocks the gate. The quatrain has five other possible combinations - 124, 142, 241, 412 and 421. All of them result in death at the hands of the gate's guardian. The correct sequence of 214 is derived from the order in which the player acquired the lines in the course of the adventure; this also fits with the most natural reading of the spell as given above, which places the line with no number in it last.

Lortag's line is acquired first, then the Holy Man of Slangg's, then Shinva's and finally the Seventh Noble's line is gained from him and completed by performing the kissing ritual at the Shrine of Courga.

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