Oiden is the great "Lord of Battle and Madness".[1]

Oiden's temple has a dark stone edifice with a long line of enormous grim faced statues of weapon-wielding kings and queens - the guardians of the temple.[2] His symbol within the temple is that of a spindly white-branched tree rising from stone floor in temple.[3] Oiden has been termed as the god of Battle Rage. His main centre of worship is in western Khul, and in particular around Neuburg, and in the plains to the north-west of the Mountains of the Giants. He was originally thought of as the god of Victory and hence prayed to for the ability and the wisdom to win. This was corrupted to Battle Rage as many followers associated this with the means to victory. He was originally seen as the master tactician of the gods.

He is still worshipped in Khul, although even there very rarely now.

The Talisman of Loth is a god-forged talisman, made by Verlang at the request of Oiden. Its original name is uncertain for it was called the "Talisman of Loth" due to the name of its first mortal bearer, Loth. This Talisman blinds and befuddles enemies, although it would destroy its wearer were he or she to look in a mirror whilst wearing it.

He is strongly associated with Telak, the god of Courage, due to the links with battle. However, it is thought that his father may even be Hamaskis, god of Learning. The reason is that Oiden's gift was that of wisdom in competitive matters, particularly war, so that the path to victory would be assured. For although courage is certainly needed in battle, tactics are essential.

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