The Old World is the remarkable continent lying far to the north-east of Khul, and separated from it by the great Ocean of Serpents. The Old World is the smallest of the three continents, and has a more temperate climate than the others (it lacks features such as jungles and ice caps).[1] Most of the Old World is ruled by unified "territorial states" (except in Kakhabad and Mauristatia). These states govern far larger areas than the small city-states that rule most of Allansia and Khul.[1] The Old World also has more advanced technology than most of Titan, including Gunpowder Weapons and Windmills.[1] The book Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, that most famous of adventurers' literary companions calls it the "home of civilisation and of learning", and sums up the comparisons of Khul and the Old World. It says:

The Old World is a land of contrasting regions, from the lush grassy plains of Lendleland to the unscalable peaks of the Cloudcap Mountains in Mauristatia. Its people live mostly from the land, but it has many larger settlements as well, for it escaped the cataclysmic wars that have kept the other two continents from attaining true civilization. Some of the kingdoms of the Old World have not reached their full development, but just about all of them are more sophisticated and civilized than anywhere in Allansia or Khul.

- Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, 284AC, Year of the Fox[2]


Each part of the Old World is identified with a distinct regional name by its inhabitants. [3] This region is usually conterminous with a nation-state.

The Old World is made of several regions:


On the western side of the Old World is the nation of Femphrey. "It is a flat, fertile country of grassy plains crossed by many rivers and sprinkled with small clumps of old woodland."[4] In Femphrey's east lie numerous hot springs, which yield crystals.[4]



A map of the Old World next to banner of the Cabal of the Werewolf.

Gallantaria - located north of Femphrey. Gallantaria is a land with a temperate climate and numerous woods and plains.[4] Gallantaria's capital is Royal Lendle, a city famed as a haven for scholarship.[4] It is bordered at its south by the Witchtooth Line, an range of mountains whose dangers are infamous across the Old World.[5] To the north, a range of high mountains, the Cragrock Peaks, form another natural barrier.

The Northlands[]

The Northlands, north of the Cragrocks, are a wild, highland region known for inclement weather.[6]


To the east of Gallantaria sits the wide Border River, separating Gallantaria from its neighbour, Brice. Brice is a land of grassy expanses that is poor in natural resources.[4] Brice is an autocratic country frequently at war with its neighbours.


Mauristatia borders all the other regions of the Old World bar the Northlands and Analand. A land of immense rocky elevations and large pine woods, Mauristatia has poor soils that yield few crops; cold mist is the most common type of weather in this region.[7] Mauristatia has a sinister reputation among Old Worlders, for being the home of numerous Vampires, Werebeasts, and murderous cultists.[7]


Ruddlestone lies north-east of Mauristatia. This nation is bordered by the Dagga River and Brackish Bay on its west, and Nankunu Bay and the Banarask Hills on its east. Ruddlestone is a kingdom with moorland, heaths and patches of woodland predominating on its landscape.[4][8] Ruddlestone is a tolerant country that is nevertheless protected by single-minded warrior clerics.[4]


Kakhabad is a near-lawless area of wild beasts and violent outcasts, notorious across Titan for its dangerous nature. Kakhabad's land area stretches out in a north-easterly direction. In its north-east are the imposing Zanzunu Peaks. In its centre lie the Forest of the Snatta, the arid plains of the Baklands, and the Vanti-Bak Wastes.[9] The largest city in Kakhabad is Kharé, one of the most dangerous settlements on Titan. The Shamutanti Hills run across the country's southern edge, and form a natural border between Analand and Kakhabad.[10]


Analand - Located south of Kakhabad. Large parts of Analand are protected by the Great Wall of Analand, a never-finished fortified wall. In the northwest of Analand lies Chawberry Wood, a temperate forest rich in fruits. [11] The plains of Analand north of Lake Libra have fertile soils and are used for agriculture. [12] The Schoolfish River drifts out of Lake Libra towards the Bay of Gumm, dominated on both its sides by hills. The Schoolfish River is the boundary between Analand and Far Analand.[4] Far Analand is a region of flat savannas which have a hot climate, and Elephants live there. [13]


West of Analand and south of Femphrey and Mauristatia sits the country of Lendleland. It is the largest region of the Old World in terms of size, but also the poorest. Most of its land is sedgy flatlands with thin soil, suitably only for horse-breeding. The main river in the country, the Siltbed River, has dirty, undrinkable water, and leaves boats stuck in silt banks at low tide.[4] In the far south of Lendleland stand the Anvils of the Gods, a range of ice-capped peaks.[4]

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