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The Old World is the remarkable continent lying far to the north-east of Khul, and separated from it by the great Ocean of Serpents. The book Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, that most famous of adventurers' literary companions calls it the "home of civilisation and of learning", and sums up the comparisons of Khul and the Old World. It says:

The Old World is a land of contrasting regions, from the lush grassy plains of Lendleland to the unscalable peaks of the Cloudcap Mountains in Mauristatia. Its people live mostly from the land, but it has many larger settlements as well, for it escaped the cataclysmic wars that have kept the other two continents from attaining true civilization. Some of the kingdoms of the Old World have not reached their full development, but just about all of them are more sophisticated and civilized than anywhere in Allansia or Khul.

- Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, 284AC, Year of the Fox[1]

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