The world of Orb is the location that features in only one Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Talisman of Death by Jamie Thomson and Mark Smith. However, it was also the location of Smith and Thomson's series of gamebooks The Way of the Tiger, which ran for six books.


The mythological origins of Orb are not detailed, but it is known that the Gods maintain a close presence on this world, perhaps moreso than any other world known in Fighting Fantasy. Their base of operations, and highest sanctum, is the Garden of the Gods, a location removed from the physical world of men. While the Gods reside in relative harmony in the Garden, contests for power, enacted by their agents, are not unknown among them.

On Orb itself, the presence of the Gods in man's affairs is symbolized by their temples and sanctuaries dotting the cities. An unusual point about this feature is that the temples of the Gods of Evil maintain an equally public presence on Orb as do those of the Gods of Good and Neutrality. This presence of balance is usually tolerated by the authorities even in lawful cities, unless a particular cult clearly does something which constitutes high treason.[1]

Known LocationsEdit

The Rift
Also known as the Bowels of Orb. A vast abyss leading to Orb's underworld, which is populated by Dark Elves, Orcs, and many other fell creatures, some of them the abominable spawn of Evil Gods.
Greyguild on the Moors
A city lying in the central part of Orb's main continent inside a vast expanse of marshland.

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