A number of Other Worlds outside of Titan have hosted some of the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and associated publications.

Book LocationsEdit

The following table is an overview of all locations used for Fighting Fantasy (note that it excludes Warlock magazine locations because each magazine potentially had more than one location - Warlock Magazine locations are dealt with later in this article):

Fighting Fantasy Locations
Location Series Total
Main SeriesWizard BooksSorcery!Advanced Fighting FantasyFighting Fantasy NovelsZagor ChroniclesThe Role-Playing Game BooksFantasy QuestbooksTwo Player GamebooksAdventures of GoldhawkOther Books
Titan4734 5 3 1 2 1 2 4173
Space7-- - - - - - - --7
Earth3-- - - - - - - --3
Orb1-- - - - - - - --1
Amarillia1-- - - 3 - 1 - --5
Total5934 5 3 4 2 2 2 4189


  1. Warlock magazine issues are not factored into the above numbers, because within any single issue many different locations may be used.
  2. Clash of the Princes is counted as two books.
  3. The location of Clash of the Princes, Gundobad, is deemed to be within Titan.
  4. Karazan, the location of the Goldhawk series, is deemed to be somewhere within Titan.


"Space" is used here to mean outerspace and therefore this is obviously a vast region. However, because each book is unrelated to the other or to any other series, it serves as a useful generic term to classify the books. There are six books set in Space, and unsurprisingly they are all more science-fiction than fantasy. Arguably there is an seventh book. The definite six are:

The seventh book is:


Interestingly, Earth qualifies as an "Other World" in the context of Titannica, because the focus of Titannica is Titan. Four books have been set on Earth, two of which are set in some undefined point in the future:


Main article: Orb

Orb is a world created by Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson. The only Fighting Fantasy gamebook set there is:

This was written in 1984, and although no more Fighting Fantasy books were set there Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson went on to set their The Way of the Tiger gamebook series in Orb, of which there were six books.


Main article: Amarillia

The world of Amarillia first came to light in the 1987 PuzzleQuest Book, Casket of Souls. In this book there was no indication that it was at all related to Titan. However, in 1993 in The Zagor Chronicles and Legend of Zagor, Ian Livingstone firmly established the two worlds are within the same fantasy universe. The books set in Amarillia are:

The Flat LandsEdit

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The world of the Flat Lands first appeared in the mini adventure The Floating City in Warlock in 1986. Since then two other mini adventures have also been set there:

Locations Whose Location Within Titan is DisputedEdit

Main article: Karazan
Main article: Gundobad

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  1. Location only identified in The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook version of the adventure.