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Oxford University Press (OUP) is a publishing house and a department of the University of Oxford in England. It is the largest university press in the world, being larger than all the American university presses combined with Cambridge University Press.[1] It has branches all over the world.

Fighting FantasyEdit

With regard to books with the Fighting Fantasy canon, the OUP published the hardback versions of what were originally advertised as the PuzzleQuest Books:

  1. The Tasks of Tantalon
  2. Casket of Souls

The Tasks of Tantalon was published by OUP in 1985, and later published as a "Fantasy Questbook" by Puffin Books in 1986. However, even in its inception it was firmly placed in the same world as other Fighting Fantasy books of the time, and advertised in Warlock magazine.

Casket of Souls was published simultaneously by OUP and Penguin Books, the parent of Puffin Books, the former in hardback, the latter in softback. This was also advertised in Warlock magazine as a "PuzzleQuest Book", although it was never branded as such in the book.

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