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The Pagan Plains are an area of grassland and bushes in Northern Allansia.[1][2] The Pagan Plains stretch from Zengis in the east to Kaad in the west. [3] To the south, the Red River and the Moonstone Hills form the Plains' southern boundary, while the Icefinger Mountains form the northern boundary.[4] The Plains become bitterly cold in winter.[2] Notable locations on the Pagan Plains are Firetop Mountain, the settlements of Fang, Anvil and Stonebridge, and the River Kok.[4] Apart from the River Kok, the Plains are largely devoid of surface water, since most of the other rivers, streams and lakes flow underground. [5] Brigands in the region have developed the tactic of poisoning the few overground water sources on the Pagan Plains and then robbing the corpses of travellers who drink there.[6] In addition to the brigands, other creatures such as Bird Men and Centaurs may attack unwary travellers in the region. [7]

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