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Type(s) Publishing House
Foundation 1935
Location London, England
Industry Publishing Books
Key People Allen Lane (founder)
Products Books

Penguin Books is a British publisher founded in 1935 by Allen Lane.

Brief HistoryEdit

Lane's idea was to provide quality writing cheaply, for the same price as a pack of cigarettes. He also wanted them to be sold not only in bookshops but in railway stations, general stores and corner shops. Its most emblematic products are its paperbacks. The first Penguin paperbacks were published in 1935, but at first only as an imprint of Bodley Head with the books originally distributed from a church crypt.

Today Penguin Books is a division of the world-wide Penguin Group and is owned by Pearson PLC. Its counterpart in the United States is Penguin Group (USA). Penguin is the lead publisher for the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and India.

Fighting FantasyEdit

Penguin's involvement with Fighting Fantasy is largely through its imprint for children's books, Puffin Books. It was under Puffin that the main Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were published in the 1980s and early 1990s, and under whom most of the associated publications and merchandise was also published, including the first three computer games.

However, some of the titles were published directly by Penguin, most notably the Sorcery! epic was originally published by Penguin, because it was aimed at the adult market. This continued in the UK until the publishing of the third in the series, The Seven Serpents, thereafter Puffin taking over (although in the USA, Penguin continued to publish the whole series). The paperback version of Casket of Souls was also published by Penguin.

Also, Warlock magazine was originally published by Penguin Books until Issue 5, after which Games Workshop took over.

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