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Peter Andrew Jones is an artist known for his extensive work within the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, and best known within the world of Fighting Fantasy for being responsible for the original cover of the very first book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.


Early LifeEdit

He was born in the 1950s in Islington, North London.[1] As a child his real passion was in aviation and space technology, and he spent many hours drawing fighter aircraft from RAF Leuchars on the coast of Scotland. This led him to a desire to paint aircraft. At school, his art tutor, Robert Spearman, guided him towards applying for and gaining a place at the prestigious St Martin's School of Art where he was to train as a graphic designer[2]. Whilst there he became fascinated with the tales of Larry Niven and Isaac Asimov[3]. A visiting lecturer, Fritz Wagner, suggested he fuse his love of a realistic style of illustration with his imaginative skills. It was the taking up of this suggestion that led him into the world of Science Fiction Art and established his unique style with strong central images and characters set in a fantastical landscape.[3]


Very early in his career he developed his own style of Science Fiction illustration, characterised by strong central characters set in other-worldly landscapes. Jones set up his own enterprise, the Solar Wind studio, to commercially develop this style and his name was made when, in 1982, he submitted his design for a cover to the first Fighting Fantasy gamebook, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The illustration not only took up the front cover but was a complete wraparound style, covering both the spine and back cover as well. But what made it stand out was that it went against the conformity of the time, by leaving no space at the top of the cover for the title, but rather it left the space in the centre of the illustration. Puffin Books accepted the design, however, and the book was a multi-million seller.


Cover Illustrator

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Interior Illustrator

Fighting Fantasy GamebooksEdit

  • (#4) Starship Traveller

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  1. Features his cover artwork from the second cover of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Talisman of Death.


Jones was also one of the artists who worked on Steve Jackson's BattleCards (published by Merlin Publishing in 1993). All seven main artists had cards dedicated to them featuring a mini-biography but written in the style of mythic fantasy. Also, the artists themselves drew self portraits. In Jones' case it was a vampire like creature sitting in a cross legged pose against a surreal outer space background. This card was number 4 in the US set, and number 98 in the UK set. Notably one of the cards he was responsible for was the near mythical final card, the Emperor of Vangoria:

BattleCards by Peter Andrew Jones
US Edition UK Edition
US No.US Name UK No. UK Name
4Peter Andrew Jones98Peter Andrew Jones
80Aragon Trueblade50Aragon Trueblade
81Forrin Weatherstorm10Forrin Weatherstorm
82Baagan the Brave36Baagan the Brave
83The Bowmaster58The Bowmaster
85The Red Knight144The Red Knight
86Zittonian Swordsman72Zittonian Swordsman
87Zheena Nightshade3Zheena Nightshade
88Venga the Grim116Venga the Grim
89Karanga the Ferocious31Karanga the Ferocious
90Horo Soga92Horo Soga
91Horo Matangi102Horo Matangi
92Gargantuan Marauder41Gargantuan Marauder
93Gleeta Spee121Gleeta Spee
94Sisters of Damnation146The Sisters of Damnation
96The Demon of Eelsea80Demon of Eelsea
97The Angel of Death6The Angel of Death
99Jahnu the Hunter43Jahnu the Hunter
100Maglan Vinn167Maglan Vinn1
140Emperor of Vangoria150Emperor of Vangoria

  1. The Maglan Vinn card specified that the artist was Unknown. This was to facilitate a quest (Lord Magnoble's Quest), where the player had to find the five cards whose artist was identified by a question mark ("?"), rather than by name, and having found these cards, identify who the artist was. In the case of this card, it was Peter Andrew Jones.

Outside of Fighting FantasyEdit

Following on from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain has been a career that has seen his art grace the work of such major authors as:


He has also been involved in television including the following programmes:

Passion for AircraftEdit

Jones' childhood love of aircraft stayed with him and in 1990, around the time of the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain he looked to indulge this passion once again, but professionally. He became involved with the RAF Benevolent Fund and a number of World War II pilots including Group Captain Peter Townsend (GC) and General Adolf Galland (General of Fighters, Luftwaffe. WWII). As a result, his works can be found on various aviation related publications. Amongst those who have acknowledged his work are President George Bush (Snr) (a former W.W.II US Pacific theatre pilot).

Critical AcclaimEdit

Amongst Jones' most notable critical accolades are that he was once described by Octopus Books as "The most successful (SF) artist working in Britain today" and by Forbidden Planet Bookshop (London & New York) as "The man who created the (SF) genre."

Personal LifeEdit

Peter Andrew Jones is married to Deborah and now lives in Church Stretton in Shropshire, England where he has been able to indulge an enthusiasm for art associated with wildlife.

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