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Proteus Issue 14
Location: various
Publication details
Editor(s): Mike Kenward
Interior Illustrator(s): various
Cover illustrator: various
Publisher: IPC Magazines Ltd (Issues 1~4)
Wimborne Publishing (Issues 5~19)
Published: 1984~1988

Proteus was a gaming magazine published in the late 1980s (1984 to 1988) with the aim of being "A Complete Fantasy Adventure Game Magazine". It was not a Fighting Fantasy-oriented magazine like Warlock, and the adventures published in it were independent of Titan. However, it does have a link to Fighting Fantasy canon in that the third and installment of Ruth Pracy's The Flat Lands series was published in Proteus, the first two instalments having been published in Warlock. Warlock itself had ceased publication before the third instalment could be published.

Creation[edit | edit source]

The name for the magazine was taken from Proteus. The magazine makes this clear:

Proteus was an ancient Greek God who could change his form to avoid foretelling the future, so you can see our scope for adventures is endless.[1]

Fighting Fantasy[edit | edit source]

The magazine's contribution to Fighting Fantasy was in the form of the third of three mini adventures that formed a series, all intended to be published in Warlock, although in the actual course of events only the first two were:

The first two stories were from Warlock:

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  1. Proteus Issue 3 - p.39
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