Provisions are the most commonly used items for regaining stamina in gamebooks, with the player typically beginning the adventure with 10 of them.

General Rules for ProvisionsEdit

Except for the very first gamebook, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, where the player can only eat Provisions where instructed in the text, the player is able to pause and eat as many Provisions as they wish, restoring up to 4 lost stamina for each Provision consumed (although they may not exceed their maximum score by doing so) as long as they are not engaged in combat.

Obtaining ProvisionsEdit

Provisions are often found scattered throughout the adventure, usually in the form of foraged berries and nuts, or more nourishing fare taken from slain game animals such as Boar or Deer, or looted from the homes of more intelligent beings like Goblins - although it is rare that their food is fit for Human consumption! Another way of restocking Provisions is by buying them, the usual rate being one Provision for every Gold Piece spent, although - if certain offers such as 5 Provisions for 3GPs or suchlike are excluded - the exchange rate is different on occasion, primarily dependant on the prosperity of the area, with poorer regions charging more.

Variations on ProvisionsEdit

In most cases an alternative for Provisions appears in gamebooks with a non-fantasy setting (although some fantasy gamebooks do also use something else).

Without ProvisionsEdit

Not all gamebooks have the player start with Provisions. Those without any at the start are:

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