Ruddlestone is one of the major lands of the Old World, situated on the north-eastern coast and sharing a troublesome border with Brice. The border was troublesome to such a degree that the massive citadel of the Demonkeep Fortress was constructed specifically by the Ruddlestonians to repel the interminable Brician invasions.[1]


It is a small place, and the ruling faction are deeply religious and decidedly militaristic. Furthermore, it is seen as a paradoxical kingdom. The capital, the port of Harabnab on the eastern coast is known as a haven for all Lawful adventurers and travellers, yet the Port of Crabs, haven for all pirates within fifty nautical miles, lies just down the coast from it. [1] Ruddlestone's cities house both the followers of Good gods and Evil ones, apparently living side by side with few restrictions placed on either faction. Ruddelstone's ruler is called the Priest-king, and he combines the offices of religious and political leader.[1] Ruddlestone has a fortress called the The Citadel, where a elite group of Templar Knights are trained to defend the country. [2]

However, in most civilised parts of Ruddlestone, the worship of certain deities is forbidden, and of all these, it is the goddess Shekka and her cult that is most feared. In recent times, the Cult of Shekka succeeded in stealing the Black Grimoire from Rassin Abbey,[3] and would have managed to release the Kurakil into the world once more had it not been for a bold attack on their lair by Witchhunters and Demonslayers, which resulted in the cult's dispersal and the death of their High Priest.


Early HistoryEdit

Relations with Brice and the Ruddlestone Wars

The Rise of KakhabadEdit

The Crown of KingsEdit

The Return of BelgarothEdit

  • This takes place in the 280s AC, perhaps even in 285AC - we know this since the First Crusade against Chaos is dated 185AC,[9] and this is described as "One hundred years ago" at the time of the events described in Knights of Doom[10].

The KurakilEdit

  • In Background of Knights of Doom, there is mention of witchcraft in the north of Ruddlestone, which suggests that the events in Spellbreaker are contemporaneous with those in Knights of Doom.

The Bathorian CrusadeEdit


At the time of Knights of Doom, the King of Ruddlestone was called Rannon. [12]





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  • Return to the Pit, (pgs. 9, 27, 37, 40, 42, 51, 55, 61, 72-73, 76-77, 79-80, 83, 109, 125, 131-132, 138, 153, 160, 215)


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